Educational Links and Resources

Mendelian Genetics

Molecular Genetics

General Materials

Mendelian Genetics Tools

Classical Genetics at Cold Spring Harbor - contains summaries of concepts, problems, pictures, and links - requires flash 5 plug-in

Experiments in Plant Hybridization - Mendel's Paper

Mendel's Peas- brief history of Mendel's famous experiment

The Biology Project-crosses and sex-linked problems

Mendel: Experiment 1 - pictoral explanation of the monohybrid pea cross

Recessive and Dominant Inheritance

Sex-Linked Inheritance

X-Linked Inheritance


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Molecular Genetics Tools

Molecular Genetics at Cold Spring Harbor - contains summaries of concepts, problems, pictures, and links - requires flash 5 plug-in

Molecular Genetics of Prokaryotes - some Lac operon problems

Plant Molecular Biology Resources

Functional Genomics - contains information about gene regulation

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Graphics Gallery - contains biochemistry, cells, tissues, biological engineering, cellular processes, and tons more

Molecular Expressions - great pictures of crystals

Cytogenetics Gallery - chromosome pictures

Human Genome Project Images

National Human Genome Institute - genetics illustrations

Gene - transcription and translation of a gene containing introns and exons





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Glossary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Molecular Genetics Glossary

Genome Glossary - Human Genome Project

Glossary of Genetic Terms - National Human Genome Research Institute

Genetics Glossary - very thorough, links to cell biology dictionary

Microbial Genetics Glossary

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An Interactive Animated Nonlinear Tutorial - requires the chime plug-in

DNA Animations - requires the shockwave plug-in

Animation Library at Cold Spring Harbor - contains PCR, Southern Blots, etc.

Tokyo Medical University -mitosis, meiosis, and chromosomal mutations

Quicktime Movies

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A Primer on Molecular Genetics -mapping and sequencing

Introduction to Gene Therapy

DNA Learning Center - requires flash 5 plug-in

MIT's Biology Hypertextbook - completely comprehensive tutorial with problem sets and quizzes to practice

The Biology Project- really good problem sets and tutorials in Mendelian and Molecular Genetics

Blood Types Tutorial

Guides and Tutorials - lots of molecular biology pages

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Molecular Biology Protocols- purification, transformation, southern blotting, PCR, and many more

General Genetics Protocols- comprehensive RNA, protein, and DNA analysis protocols

Methods Online- minipreps, hybridization techniques, etc.

Basic Molecular Protocols- plasmids, cosmids, vectors, sequencing, Northern and Southern blots, sequencing, protein electrophoresis, HPLC, etc.

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